Posted in Product by christy winston on May 13, 2010

Ever after clothing Ever after clothing

I couldn’t help posting these pictures from two of ever/after‘s first fans sporting our best selling style, the Twistback Romper.  This is probably our favorite style and I’ve been begging Gary to have it made in my size!  It would be a very cool addition to our new adults section at www.everafterclothing.com that was added just this week.  We should probably work on expanding the Women’s Vneck and Men’s Crew T-shirt before we go adding rompers, but I can still hope.  It’s difficult to describe how cool it is to finally see ever/after styles on someone other than Ever.  When we did dress Ever in ever/after pre-launch, Gary wouldn’t let us leave the house!  I usually rolled my eyes at the strict level of secrecy he held me to, but it was probably a good thing. We also didn’t want to buy any other clothes for her seeing as she would soon have the raddest wardrobe a kid could have.  So, we stretched her 12-18m leftovers as long as we could…she’s 2.  Needless to say until we launched ever/after,  her “look” was crop tops, bicycle shorts, dresses turned into tunics, and pjs with the feet cut out.  I finally convinced Gary to get 1 or 2 things that actually fit and were remotely cool kids clothes…I was afraid people were imagining the worst when we told them we were starting a really cool kids’ clothing brand and they look at Ever and she’s all belly button and flood pants.  Either they thought we were crazy or reallllllly fashion-forward!


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  1. Rewrite Beautiful said, on May 13, 2010 at 11:25 am

    I love the headband with the Baby Romper! California girl meets preppy! Love it!

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