Bob stroller for ever/after

Posted in Lifestyle by christy winston on May 14, 2010

On a day as gorgeous as today, I love nothing more than getting outside and going for a run with Ever.  I slather on the spf so she doesn’t get a baby vneck tan line and we’re off!  There’s an endless supply of inspiring routes around here, but we always-always-always find our selves near the water.  Today, we explored a funky little town named Laguna Beach and discovered lots of cool finds.  We saw Hillary Boutique on Cliff (very cool little store where I hope to offer ever/after) and Heisler Park/Beaches (think Beaches movie).  Laguna is filled with steep hills and meandering tourists so it makes for a very exciting course.  If you ever see a beautiful little girl catching air, holding on to her black baby raybans for dear life, in a bright green bugaboo, that just took a corner on two wheels…that’s probably us.  Our poor bugaboo.  It’s seen way more miles than any bugaboo should’ve ever seen.  I didn’t become an avid runner until Ever was about 3 months old and I’d obviously already chosen my stroller.  If I could do it over again I would absolutely, 100% go with a BOB.  I’ve had BOB-envy for a while now, but I’m trying to hold out until I need a two-seater (my Mom-in-law is giddy right now).  Anyhow, have you ever seen these strollers?  They’re like little hummers for babies!!  I was so excited BOB donated their 12’AW Revolution stroller to ever/after for the silent auction at our launch party.  I kept trying to justify how it would be okay for me to place bid on it because I want one so badly–no, I didn’t.  But our good friend did and now she and Jackson will be truckin around in this sweet ride:

donated to ever after change the story


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