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Posted in Simply Living by christy winston on May 20, 2010

ever after

There came a point, last December, when we came to the realization it was time for a change.  We’d been conceptualizing ever/after for two years and working on it whenever we had time leftover after our day jobs, Gary at PacSun and me at James Perse and mother of a toddler.  Gary would leave for work before Ever would wake up, and be home after she’d gone to bed…it wasn’t unusual for him to go 3 days without seeing her.  I was blessed to have a position with James Perse where I could work from home and I’d get most of my work done in the late night while Ever was in bed.  Life was “good” aka we had lots of stuff.  But, when you have stuff you usually want more stuff.  Looking back on our lifestyle then, it seems so anemic even though most would think we had everything.  I would have little epiphanies during the day and think, “Why are we doing all of this again?? So we can drive a BMW?  Have a big apartment?  Spend money almost as quickly as we brought it in?”  I think everyone wants to know that life is about more than that.

ever/after came to be thanks to our God-given passions and a combination of life experiences.  It wasn’t diligence, intelligence, or coincidence…it was providence.  We are so thankful for this opportunity and for fresh perspective.  We’re finding such joy in the little things like eating burritos on the beach as a family at 5 o’clock, pretending our little 1-bedroom apartment is part of a hotel,  $1 taco Tuesdays, packing pb&j and hiking the cliff trails…I could go on and on!  Actually I will…ever/after has a new category called “Simply Living” that we’ll be updating this week so we hope you’ll tune in often.


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  1. Teri Palmer said, on May 20, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    I’m incredibly inspired by your story. My husband and I have also been making some changes in our own lives and focusing on what is really important. Our changes might not involve a job switch but they may involve a move. We don’t utilize two-thirds of the home we live in and God has challenged us to use what He has provided in a better way. We are on the hunt for a different, more budget friendly home. One that will free up what God has provided to be able to give more. Thanks for this post. It was a reminder to keep searching and not give up or get comfortable.

  2. Laura Starr said, on May 20, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Proud to know you guys. 🙂

  3. Margareta Lidskog said, on May 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    I am so incredibly proud of what you two are doing, Christy and Gary! The story from Mexico moved me to tears and I loved the pictures. Keep up the good work and post more pictures of adorable Ever in your ever/after clothes! Everything I have seen so far looks very comfy.
    Thank you for plugging SwedArt as well. I take pride in helping skilled indigenous Sami artisans who live above the Arctic Circle in Sweden sell their beautiful and ecco friendly handmade vegetable tanned reindeer leather jewelry, while sharing information about the 10,000 year old Sami culture.

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