ever/after purchase for purpose

Posted in Favorite Brands, Simply Living by christy winston on May 21, 2010

ever after

ever/after loves a purchase with a purpose.  A refreshing trend is sweeping over retail, inspiring people to be about more than just the bottom line.  We were inspired, and created a casually cool kids clothing line using premium fabrics that gives 25% of the profit from each garment you buy to the children’s charity of your choice.  We believe helping others can extend to all areas of our lives, even the clothing we buy.  We’ve made some lifestyle changes as we begin this new adventure.  We want each purchase to be meaningful.  How awesome is it that you can dress your kids in clothes you’d actually where yourself and change the story of a child in need all at once!?  You can reverse the effects of neglect for an abandoned baby, empower an at risk child to overcome academic challenges, or provide a place of refuge for a whole village–all from one totally rad baby vneck t-shirt!  We’ve discovered incredibly cool people creating their own products with a purpose.  I think it’s so cool that we can accessorize Ever’s ever/after baby vneck t-shirt and boyfriend fleece shorts with a beanie that provides income for women in Uganda, a bracelet that supports the indigenous Sami People of northern Scandinavia, and shoes that provide an equal pair for a child in need!!  Now that’s consumerism at its best!  Check out some of our favorite brands and the amazing things they’re doing in the world:

Krochet Kids Int. – http://www.krochetkids.org/home.php

SwedArt – http://swedart.com/

31Bits – http://31bits.com/

Toms Shoes – http://www.toms.com/


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