ever/after asks SWEDART, “How do you change the story?”

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ever after loves swedart

Ever's best friend and his mom sporting their bracelets and ever/after

A wrist full of SWEDART bracelets is an ever/after must have.  I love the way it gives a simple outfit just the right amount of “edge.”  Just by dressing your wrist you go from plain-jane to stylista!  I rarely find brands that make something I love to wear myself that also make it Ever-size.  Hence, why we created ever/after!  However, I was ecstatic to find that SWEDART makes the same incredibly cool bracelets for the wee ones too!!!  Why companies feel like they have to make everything look silly for kids is beyond me.  But with SWEDART, the same uber cool look and style is preserved across the whole brand (no fairy princess or choo choo train charms on the kids sizes…whoo hoo!)!!  We not only love SWEDART for the their extremely cool edgy style, but like everything we have a love affair with they have a deeper purpose!  They are helping to preserve and support an indigenous culture.  Margareta’s passion for her brand is contagious so I’ll let her tell you more about SWEDART’s unique product and mission herself…

Margareta – SWEDART

SWEDART products are the result of a 10,000-year-old reindeer herding culture that has been kept alive by the indigenous Sami People of northern Scandinavia. How exotic is that?! Our products are made in northern Sweden from vegetable-tanned reindeer leather, reindeer antlers, Arctic wood, and a unique spun-pewter wire with 4% silver invented by the Sami.

I grew up in northern Sweden. My passion for Sami art led me to start SWEDART four years ago in Boston. I am honored to work with a small group of very skilled, handpicked Swedish artisans. SWEDART leather jewelry is exotic, ethnic, unique, exclusive, comfortable, beautiful, hard-to-find, high quality, and a hot fashion accessory (one fashion article called it “the new luxury fashion trend”) worn by celebrities as well as fashion-minded men and women all over the globe.

Today there is great concern for the survival of the Sami culture as the number of reindeer-herding Sami in northern Scandinavia is dwindling. As a result, the materials and skills required to produce Sami crafts are gradually vanishing. It is my hope that with SWEDART ‘s contributions to the Sami culture–through promotion, job creation and awareness campaigns–I can help sustain this highly unique culture and the breathtaking art that it produces.

Check out the latest SWEDART jewelry and more info about the Sami at www.swedart.com or www.swedart.etsy.com. Every piece of SWEDART jewelry comes with a description of the materials and background. A new collection of SWEDART Lapland bracelets with PEARLS and Swarovski crystals in the brilliant colors of Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun were launched on SWEDART’s Facebook Page a few weeks ago and the response from customers has been tremendous!

I am SO fortunate to work every day with products I love and feel passionate about. To me, Sami handicraft is so stunning and radiant that it melts my heart to look at. Knowing that my work also creates job opportunities for a small indigenous population above the Arctic Circle in Sweden is a blessing that I am indeed thankful for.

For the same reason, I am honored to participate in ever/after’s mission to Choose a Cause and Change the Story. ever/after will surely touch many lives in the years ahead.
For more information about SWEDART visit:


ever/after launches line at Lisa Kline

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ever/after at Lisa Kline

Okay so we’ve kept you in suspense long enough…We are excited to announce the launch of ever/after at Lisa Kline this month!!!!  We couldn’t be more stoked to offer ever/after on the famed Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Lisa Kline is the one that pioneered this hip shopping hot spot and continues to be the style leader among the stores in the area.  We have been pinching ourselves ever since we rolled our little rack of cool kids clothes down Robertson to our first ever boutique appointment.  Walking up to the store, you immediately recognize it from the magazine photos of shopping celebrity moms like Heidi Klum and Denise Richards. Lisa Kline Kids carries only the coolest kids clothes–some up and coming brands and some that are already established.  Pinch! Pinch!

ever/after asks Krochet Kids, “How do YOU change the story?”

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If you haven’t already heard how much ever/after loves a little non-profit called Krochet Kids Int. then apparently you don’t read our blog.  Why do we love the “kids” so much?  Because everything Krochet Kids Int. does is not about promoting self, but about serving others.  Their mission is “To empower people to rise above poverty.”  A simple mission with a powerful model.  Here’s how co-founder, Kohl Crecelius, sums it up: “We work with war-affected thankful womenpopulations in Northern Uganda and we are in the business of empowerment.  We come alongside women and families who are living within inches of complete despair and offer hope through a fair and consistent income.  The women learn to crochet, and are given jobs creating headwear and other fashion accessories.  Yet this is just the beginning.  True empowerment is realized through our programs as these women dream and plan for their own independent future.  We simply equip them with the tools and resources to take hold of their own lives.”

Krochet Kids was founded by a few dudes who decided to take a skill they were given, and out of love, use it to help 70+ women in Uganda.   By doing that, these women are now able to provide food for their babies, a home for extended family members, and education for their kids!  If that doesn’t inspire you, let me say that again.  There is food on the table, shelter, and a confident hope in the hearts of kids across Uganda.  Imagine the relief these women must feel and the love they have for the guys who made it happen!  It’s incredible how such a simple idea can have a substantial effect when it’s born from hearts that are willing to serve.  “From our beneficiaries in Uganda, to our staff based right here at home, it is always our hope that we wouldn’t be the ones changing the story.  We just hope to be catalysts,” says Kohl.

What simple ideas are you holding on to that maybe you just need a little nudge to put them into effect?  Get to it and change the story.

ever/after asks Sofia, “How do you change the story?”

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Changing the story of other people’s lives is about using your life experiences, talents and gifts for something bigger than yourself.  It can affect one or one-hundred, all that matters is that you pause long enough from the whirlwind that is your life and choose to change the story.  My very close friend Sofia is a perfect example of this.  Surrounded by the world of television, celebrity, fortune, and fame Sofia chose to support a cause greater than herself.  This is even more fascinating to me having just spent a few hours in LA.  Not many possess the clarity it takes to see past everything in that city and industry shouting at you like the paparazzi on the red carpet “It’s all about you!”  She’s a true anomaly in Hollywood.  With her natural confidence and warm spirit, she makes an ideal role model for young woman…particularly this one! 🙂

Sofia Dickens – A Woman of Excellence (my title for her, not her own)

As ever/after knows, changing the story of young lives can have lasting and even generational impact. As a television host of Hollywood Heat, an entertainment show on Tru TV and previously as anchor of Channel One News, a national daily news and entertainment program, I found myself in a position where my words and actions could have an effect, albeit small, on millions of young people across the country. Since my work was not editorial in nature (in other words, I was not able to insert my own options or values in the show), I knew that any positive impact on my viewers would be limited. So I began speaking at churches and youth retreats around the country in order to provide a real life role model for young women. I think that by speaking from the heart about my experiences in television as a Christian and a new wife and mother, I was able to change impressionable perspectives about the relationship between careers and marriage/motherhood and the dichotomy between all that Hollywood stands for and traditional values. If you can changing the story even slightly at its beginning, who knows what a positive direction it may take!

ever/after asks “How do you change the story?”

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We’ll be posting stories this week from a few of ever/after‘s favorite people on how they change the story of lives close to home and around the world.  We’re kicking things off today with our close friend, Irvina Kanarek.  She’s known to us as extended family, nanny-extraordinaire, expert blogger, creative artist, and invaluable ever/after consultant among many other things.  She now adds Founder to that list with her mission to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL.  I hope you’re as inspired as I am by her story…

Irvina- Founder of REWRITE BEAUTIFUL
Costa Mesa, California

After I finished college I struggled with being offered a prestigious job at the Museum of Latin American

Irvina loves ever/after

Check out Irvina in ever/after's Selvedge Denim Bag!

Art or working as a writer for my friend’s start up company. On one hand I had security and clout and on the other hand I had the unknown. At the time of my decision I was reading The Alchemist and there is a bible verse quoted there that says, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be.” I felt God telling me that if I stayed true to myself and the things I treasure (my time and my talents) I would be rewarded with love and abundance. I took a leap of faith and I am still shocked at how different my “ever/after” looks today.

After working as a writer for a year, I found that I had a lot to offer in many different areas and wanted to pursue the things I love: Art, kids and spirituality. Which coincidentally led me to 3 different jobs: Teaching Art to toddlers and teens, Nannying the cutest little girl on earth (Miss. Ever Winston herself) and being a spiritual counselor to women in a rehab for Eating Disorders and Chemical Addictions. It was odd going from job to job and working with such different groups of women. Ever was a happy baby girl who knew she was beautiful because we all told her so. Then I would teach Art to teenage girls loaded with insecurity who would tell me that they wanted to run laps around the building during break just to lose weight. And then I would go into a rehab and see women who were dying because they refused to eat.

This cycle would repeat, week after week. I found myself rocking Ever to sleep at night and praying that she would never have to endure the pain of an Eating Disorder. I prayed that God would protect her and change the world she would grow up in. That prayer for Ever led to me asking myself…”How can I CHANGE THE STORY?” And then by the divine powers that be I was given the idea to start REWRITE BEAUTIFUL, the campaign using Street Art to CHANGE how women see beauty in themselves. We go into schools and teach children “Just because street art isn’t in a gallery doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable and equally just because a girl doesn’t look like a magazine cover doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful.” We do art together and hopefully CHANGE the cycle.

I don’t wear ever/after clothes because they make adorably trendy kids clothes or because their baby vnecks make me squeal with delight (although those are all plusses) I wear the brand because it stands for more than trends and clothes, it stands for love, faith, generosity and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Whenever I put on an ever/after shirt (yes, they have adult styles too!) and see that logo I am reminded to “Change The Story ” and ask myself, “Am I helping to Change The Story in someone else’s life today? Or am I just taking care of me?”  I am a believer that every person on this earth is born with something beautiful to offer, its our own journey in finding out what that is and sometimes it means having the ever/after you never imagined.  I never imagined that rocking a little girl to sleep would lead me to staring a non-profit.  I also never imagined I would have a college degree and choose to be a nanny. But, what I have learned is that when you stand up and defend what you love it may be uncomfortable sometimes, but you end up getting more than you give. I said a few prayers for just one little girl that I love and now I’m going to be changing the lives of girls I will never meet. Now, that’s what I call ever/after.