ever/after asks Sofia, “How do you change the story?”

Posted in Change the Story by christy winston on June 3, 2010

Changing the story of other people’s lives is about using your life experiences, talents and gifts for something bigger than yourself.  It can affect one or one-hundred, all that matters is that you pause long enough from the whirlwind that is your life and choose to change the story.  My very close friend Sofia is a perfect example of this.  Surrounded by the world of television, celebrity, fortune, and fame Sofia chose to support a cause greater than herself.  This is even more fascinating to me having just spent a few hours in LA.  Not many possess the clarity it takes to see past everything in that city and industry shouting at you like the paparazzi on the red carpet “It’s all about you!”  She’s a true anomaly in Hollywood.  With her natural confidence and warm spirit, she makes an ideal role model for young woman…particularly this one! 🙂

Sofia Dickens – A Woman of Excellence (my title for her, not her own)

As ever/after knows, changing the story of young lives can have lasting and even generational impact. As a television host of Hollywood Heat, an entertainment show on Tru TV and previously as anchor of Channel One News, a national daily news and entertainment program, I found myself in a position where my words and actions could have an effect, albeit small, on millions of young people across the country. Since my work was not editorial in nature (in other words, I was not able to insert my own options or values in the show), I knew that any positive impact on my viewers would be limited. So I began speaking at churches and youth retreats around the country in order to provide a real life role model for young women. I think that by speaking from the heart about my experiences in television as a Christian and a new wife and mother, I was able to change impressionable perspectives about the relationship between careers and marriage/motherhood and the dichotomy between all that Hollywood stands for and traditional values. If you can changing the story even slightly at its beginning, who knows what a positive direction it may take!


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