ever/after asks SWEDART, “How do you change the story?”

Posted in Change the Story, Favorite Brands by christy winston on June 21, 2010
ever after loves swedart

Ever's best friend and his mom sporting their bracelets and ever/after

A wrist full of SWEDART bracelets is an ever/after must have.  I love the way it gives a simple outfit just the right amount of “edge.”  Just by dressing your wrist you go from plain-jane to stylista!  I rarely find brands that make something I love to wear myself that also make it Ever-size.  Hence, why we created ever/after!  However, I was ecstatic to find that SWEDART makes the same incredibly cool bracelets for the wee ones too!!!  Why companies feel like they have to make everything look silly for kids is beyond me.  But with SWEDART, the same uber cool look and style is preserved across the whole brand (no fairy princess or choo choo train charms on the kids sizes…whoo hoo!)!!  We not only love SWEDART for the their extremely cool edgy style, but like everything we have a love affair with they have a deeper purpose!  They are helping to preserve and support an indigenous culture.  Margareta’s passion for her brand is contagious so I’ll let her tell you more about SWEDART’s unique product and mission herself…

Margareta – SWEDART

SWEDART products are the result of a 10,000-year-old reindeer herding culture that has been kept alive by the indigenous Sami People of northern Scandinavia. How exotic is that?! Our products are made in northern Sweden from vegetable-tanned reindeer leather, reindeer antlers, Arctic wood, and a unique spun-pewter wire with 4% silver invented by the Sami.

I grew up in northern Sweden. My passion for Sami art led me to start SWEDART four years ago in Boston. I am honored to work with a small group of very skilled, handpicked Swedish artisans. SWEDART leather jewelry is exotic, ethnic, unique, exclusive, comfortable, beautiful, hard-to-find, high quality, and a hot fashion accessory (one fashion article called it “the new luxury fashion trend”) worn by celebrities as well as fashion-minded men and women all over the globe.

Today there is great concern for the survival of the Sami culture as the number of reindeer-herding Sami in northern Scandinavia is dwindling. As a result, the materials and skills required to produce Sami crafts are gradually vanishing. It is my hope that with SWEDART ‘s contributions to the Sami culture–through promotion, job creation and awareness campaigns–I can help sustain this highly unique culture and the breathtaking art that it produces.

Check out the latest SWEDART jewelry and more info about the Sami at www.swedart.com or www.swedart.etsy.com. Every piece of SWEDART jewelry comes with a description of the materials and background. A new collection of SWEDART Lapland bracelets with PEARLS and Swarovski crystals in the brilliant colors of Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun were launched on SWEDART’s Facebook Page a few weeks ago and the response from customers has been tremendous!

I am SO fortunate to work every day with products I love and feel passionate about. To me, Sami handicraft is so stunning and radiant that it melts my heart to look at. Knowing that my work also creates job opportunities for a small indigenous population above the Arctic Circle in Sweden is a blessing that I am indeed thankful for.

For the same reason, I am honored to participate in ever/after’s mission to Choose a Cause and Change the Story. ever/after will surely touch many lives in the years ahead.
For more information about SWEDART visit:


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