ever/after asks Scott, “How do you change the story?”

Posted in Change the Story by christy winston on July 6, 2010

I met Scott about 2 years ago at a birthday party. Since then Scott has played a big part in changing my story. He has been a mentor to me both personally and spiritually and has become a very good friend.
If you were to meet Scott the first thing you’d notice is his mustache…. but the second thing you’d notice is the quiet confidence he exudes. He is one of the few people that is as equally gifted in listening as he is in speaking. One of those rare people you meet who is totally comfortable in his own skin.
If I stopped the intro here you would likely be left picturing a softy in a bowtie which I assure you is not an accurate picture.
Scott is a guy’s guy. He is a legit skateboarder. Not the casual longboard cruising type of skater, but the serious ramp & pool skating kind. He rips!
He’s also been gracious enough to give me a lesson at the skate park every Friday morning…I assure you that it’s a lot harder relearning the sport at this age after taking a 20-year break. So I will also add “patient” to one of his many qualities to be admired.

So after all of that…… here is how quiet, confident, mustache-having, skateboarder, mentor, & friend Scott Wilson is changing the story:

Scott Wilson

I love skating. Growing up in Orange County, the epicenter of the surf/skate/snowboard culture, manifested itself in my standing on my first board at the age of 6 and now, at the ripe old age of 35, I still find my way to the skatepark every week.

I’m also a Christian. Not in a generic, “I’m an American so I guess I’m a Christian” sense, but in a, “I live to be with and to be more like my God and Savior Jesus Christ” sense. I read His Word daily, I talk to Him constantly, I raise my family to know Him and I even teach a weekly Bible Study. I don’t offer all that as a super-spiritual checklist. Just as a way to say it’s something I take seriously.

Yet, in spite of my being a skater, and my being a Christian, the two have always remained separate in my life. What I mean is skating has always been about me, not Christ. For most of my life I never once thought that I skate for Christ. No. I skate for me. Me learning new tricks. Me blowing off steam from work. Me having fun. And I never thought twice about it until I discovered The Uprising.

The Uprising is the skate ministry of Jay Haizlip, Christian Hosoi and Brian Sumner, some of the biggest names in skateboarding history. They all have gnarly stories of finding life in Christ and they’re doing amazing things as they live for Him. But what stuck out at me most when I discovered their ministry is that they all said they used to live for skateboarding, but now they just use skateboarding to give out the only thing that really matters- eternal life in Jesus Christ.

If anyone would be justified in making skating about them it would be the biggest names in the world who get paid to skate. Yet, they don’t. Everything is for Christ, their entire lives, especially their skating.

That changed the story for me. From that moment on, every time I go skate I pray that I can be used by Christ. I still have fun. I still work on tricks. But my main purpose in being there is no longer me, it’s Christ. And since that switch went off it’s been amazing how he’s provided opportunity after opportunity to speak and live His life giving truth to people while skating with them.

That’s how I’m changing the story. No longer am I living for Christ in most areas of my life. I want to live for Christ in every area of my life, even skateboarding, to give out Christ and change the eternal destiny of a person for whom Christ died. The greatest way I could ever change the story, and the reason I exist, is to change the story of someone else by offering them eternal life in Christ. If that means pulling a backside 180 lipslide on the peanut bowl at the Volcom Skatepark while giving out the truth of Christ, all the better.


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  1. RewriteBeautiful said, on July 7, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    What a cool dude! I have a pretty strong theory that Jesus cruises on a skateboard Himself 😉

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