Not just pancakes

Posted in Change the Story by jaimeyoung on February 16, 2011

Did you have to worry about whether or not you would get Breakfast when you were a little kid? Most kids you know probably don’t, but this wasn’t the case a year ago in the community of Rojo Gomez, Mexico. In 2010 an estimated 95% of kids in Rojo Gomez went to school without food on a regular basis. It not only affected them physically and emotionally, but it their hunger interfered with their learning at school as well.

In October of that year a group of volunteers from Mariners Church in Irvine, CA banded together with concerned members of the community to change the story. They started by building a commercial kitchen capable of feeding 300 hungry children each morning. What started as a “Breakfast Program” has quickly evolved into so much more for the people in this community.  Teachers are noticing improvements in the children’s performance in school and it’s a program that provides paid-jobs to some of the women in the village.

In addition to the new “Breakfast Program”, Rojo Gomez is blessed with regular medical and dental clinics, child sponsorships, new buildings, and even volunteer “day trips” that range from teaching the children recreational sports to craft time. The children have grown in amazing ways that both their families and teachers will attest to. “Within the first month of the breakfast program being opened, one of the mothers was asked by her child’s teacher what was different at home. She explained that her children were more focused and not falling asleep in class and the teacher was baffled. The mother went on to explain that the only difference was that they were getting breakfast each morning.” –Rojo Gomez Newsletter

The Mariners volunteers alongside Pastor Daniel’s team are already setting future goals they plan to accomplish in 2011. The goals include building a community center, sponsoring children in school, funding a computer center, and still, feeding children breakfast every day. “We are excited to see the work God has done & continues to do in Rojo Gomez through the hearts of all the Mariners Outreach Volunteers.” –Pastor Daniel, Lo Mejor del Trigo Church in Rojo Gomez

This is such an amazing blessing and we can’t wait to contribute to these progressive programs. We at ever/after are excited to see how we will be able to help sustain some of these projects and empower a community already well on their way to changing their own story.