How your purchase is creating change

Posted in Change the Story by christy winston on June 9, 2011

So you just bought your ever/after t-shirt and you are sitting at your computer getting ready to choose a cause. But where is this money going? How has your purchase personally helped someone? Well let us tell you! Your contribution has helped the growth of three awe-inspiring children’s charities: Rojo Gomez, The Minnie Street Learning Center, and Loving Hearts Babies Home. Let us give you a little peak into how your donation has helped change the story.

How often do we take for granted the bowl of cereal we eat in the morning? Children from Rojo Gomez, Mexico do not have the option of that quick meal, and often go to school hungry. Rojo Gomez recently started the Breakfast Program, which provides the most important meal of the day for kids in the community. The endeavor has shown positive results not only on the children but on the women who gather to serve the meals as well. This sense of joy and togetherness has inspired a community center for the children that will provide a safe place for them to congregate after school. We are excited to see the impact this community center will continue to make on the village! Take a look at the video!

The Minnie Street Learning Center is located in the heart of one of the lowest-income areas of Southern California. Minnie Street provides a safe after school tutoring service for children in a neighborhood formerly known for gang activity and extremely high drop-out rates. Recently Minnie Street has celebrated their Community Garden, which has continued to bring families together and create unity in the neighborhood.
Loving Hearts Babies Home currently has twenty-seven babies-15 of which have homes! LHBH is continually finding homes for abandoned and orphaned babies, and helping interested families navigate the usually complex process of adoption in Uganda. In this home they are able to take care of the children’s medical needs (many are HIV positive), and provide a caring environment for orphaned babies.