Meet Anjali – PR Intern

Posted in Change the Story by christy winston on October 3, 2011

I am…

Awkward, Quirky, Unique, Athletic

And I laugh a lot 🙂

Why I joined ever/after

I joined ever/after because this isn’t your regular average kids clothing store. ever/after works to “change the story” for underprivileged children all around the world, and that was the main thing that drew me to this company. Not to mention Nicole and Christy are the most friendly warm loving people I have ever met, who wouldn’t want to work with them!?

I am most thankful for…

I am most thankful for the life I have. I have been incredibly blessed with family, friends, an amazing education, and the atmosphere I am surrounded by.

Favorite quote:

“I’m a living sunset

Lightning in my bones

Push me to the edge

But my will is stone

Cuz I believe in a better way” Ben Harper

My Favorite Food

Such a hard choice because I am addicted to eating, but it would have to be either Spicy Chicken Thai fried rice (from Thai Chili, extra spicy!), Broccoli Sundried Tomato Fusili with extra Parmesan from CPK, and OREOS nom nom nom nom!

One thing on my bucket list is…

Adopt a child from India! Her name is going to be Lekha 🙂

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