Houston we have a problem…

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If you’ve tried to visit our website this morning (or email us) you probably already know something’s up.  We’re still here!  Just experiencing some technical difficulties….

We hope to be back up and running shortly…stay tuned :/



Newest member of the ever/after family!

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We are excited to introduce the newest member of the ever/after family, Ryanne, our intern!!  A few weeks ago, this unusually mature, down-to-earth, and oh-so stylish girl asked me if we were looking to hire an intern and that her availability would start right after she returned from a trip to Kenya.  “Ummm yeah…Let me think about that.  YOU’RE HIRED!”

Her excitement to help change the story is contagious and I hope you all get the chance to meet her–I guarantee the encounter will brighten your day.  I don’t think I’m putting words in her mouth by saying this, but I suspect you don’t return from a trip like that unchanged and content to continue on with “life as you knew it.”  You want everything to mean more…..even internships! 😉

ever/after asks “How do you change the story?”

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We’ll be posting stories this week from a few of ever/after‘s favorite people on how they change the story of lives close to home and around the world.  We’re kicking things off today with our close friend, Irvina Kanarek.  She’s known to us as extended family, nanny-extraordinaire, expert blogger, creative artist, and invaluable ever/after consultant among many other things.  She now adds Founder to that list with her mission to REWRITE BEAUTIFUL.  I hope you’re as inspired as I am by her story…

Irvina- Founder of REWRITE BEAUTIFUL
Costa Mesa, California

After I finished college I struggled with being offered a prestigious job at the Museum of Latin American

Irvina loves ever/after

Check out Irvina in ever/after's Selvedge Denim Bag!

Art or working as a writer for my friend’s start up company. On one hand I had security and clout and on the other hand I had the unknown. At the time of my decision I was reading The Alchemist and there is a bible verse quoted there that says, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be.” I felt God telling me that if I stayed true to myself and the things I treasure (my time and my talents) I would be rewarded with love and abundance. I took a leap of faith and I am still shocked at how different my “ever/after” looks today.

After working as a writer for a year, I found that I had a lot to offer in many different areas and wanted to pursue the things I love: Art, kids and spirituality. Which coincidentally led me to 3 different jobs: Teaching Art to toddlers and teens, Nannying the cutest little girl on earth (Miss. Ever Winston herself) and being a spiritual counselor to women in a rehab for Eating Disorders and Chemical Addictions. It was odd going from job to job and working with such different groups of women. Ever was a happy baby girl who knew she was beautiful because we all told her so. Then I would teach Art to teenage girls loaded with insecurity who would tell me that they wanted to run laps around the building during break just to lose weight. And then I would go into a rehab and see women who were dying because they refused to eat.

This cycle would repeat, week after week. I found myself rocking Ever to sleep at night and praying that she would never have to endure the pain of an Eating Disorder. I prayed that God would protect her and change the world she would grow up in. That prayer for Ever led to me asking myself…”How can I CHANGE THE STORY?” And then by the divine powers that be I was given the idea to start REWRITE BEAUTIFUL, the campaign using Street Art to CHANGE how women see beauty in themselves. We go into schools and teach children “Just because street art isn’t in a gallery doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable and equally just because a girl doesn’t look like a magazine cover doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful.” We do art together and hopefully CHANGE the cycle.

I don’t wear ever/after clothes because they make adorably trendy kids clothes or because their baby vnecks make me squeal with delight (although those are all plusses) I wear the brand because it stands for more than trends and clothes, it stands for love, faith, generosity and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Whenever I put on an ever/after shirt (yes, they have adult styles too!) and see that logo I am reminded to “Change The Story ” and ask myself, “Am I helping to Change The Story in someone else’s life today? Or am I just taking care of me?”  I am a believer that every person on this earth is born with something beautiful to offer, its our own journey in finding out what that is and sometimes it means having the ever/after you never imagined.  I never imagined that rocking a little girl to sleep would lead me to staring a non-profit.  I also never imagined I would have a college degree and choose to be a nanny. But, what I have learned is that when you stand up and defend what you love it may be uncomfortable sometimes, but you end up getting more than you give. I said a few prayers for just one little girl that I love and now I’m going to be changing the lives of girls I will never meet. Now, that’s what I call ever/after.

Browser Woes

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If you have internet explorer, you probably noticed some odd things on www.everafterclothing.com.  Well, we are finally all de-bugged!  We’ll probably always be in a perpetual state of enhancement here at ever/after, but the necessities have all been addressed so go ahead and place those orders!

Launch Party + Charity Benefit This Week!

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Wow, this is really happening! We’ve been working on this brand for almost 2 years now and we’re actually launching it in just a few days. One word. Surreal. This is right up there with our wedding and Ever’s birth.
The launch event will be at Alta in Newport Beach just down the street from our studio. We’ll kick things off with live music, light eats, and the silent auction at 7pm. Look forward to tours of our studio/corporate office/distribution center/what have you…cool clothes…great company…good times.
If you can’t make it, we’ll let you know how it goes and you can still get in on the action by visiting our website: http://www.everafterclothing.com